Maple Syrup Bourbon Aged 16oz

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We age select medium amber maple syrup in a charred oak Kentucky bourbon barrel for several months to create a candied bourbon flavor with hints of charred oak and butterscotch. This delicious blend of maple and bourbon takes BBQ sauces and glazes to the next level while also being an exceptional choice for a cocktail mixer or sweetener in carbonated water. Yum!

Bourbon Maple Syrup 16 oz $20.00

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Droscha Sugarbush is a  family-owned maple syrup business located on the  Droscha centennial  homestead in Mason, Michigan. We’ve been making pure  maple syrup the  old-fashioned way for more than 100 years. Our business is built on four  commitments

Family First

Family  is the foundation of Droscha Sugarbush. Our craft has been passed  down  through generations and is firmly upheld to this day to produce  maple  syrup the way it always has been made, though hard work and  commitment  to a high quality finished product.