Rosehips C/S 1oz

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The fruits of the rose, Rose hips appear in early summer and ripen into late autumn. The rosehips have a tarty flavor when fresh and can be consumed as food, while dried rosehips can be infused into herbal syrups and steeped as rosehips tea. It develop on wild roses as the flowers drop off, it also called as rose haw. The fruit is concentrated sources of vitamin C.


Try this simple Rosehip Jam.


  • 1kg rosehips
  • 1 liter of water
  • juice from 1 lemon
  • sweetener of your choice:
  • 338g raw sugar
  • or 2 tsp stevia
  • or 340ml honey


  1. Place dried rosehips in a large pot. Add water and bring them to a boil. Reduce to simmer and cook them for 40 minutes hour covered, until rosehips are soft and mashable.
  2. Transfer the mixture into fine sieve or table cloth and press the mixture through.
  3. Add sweetener of your choice.
  4. Add lemon juice and fill the jam into 500ml jar. Make sure the jar is sterilized. The dishwasher will do.
  5. Pour into small containers with lids and store in the fridge.


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