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Rustic Maka Illuminate

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Say goodbye to yellowing teeth with this all-natural, mineral-rich whitening powder. This granulated blend of Kaolin clay and activated charcoal works to lift stains and promote a healthier, sunnier smile.

How to use: Sprinkle powder onto a wet toothbrush, covering the entire top of the bristles. Gently brush teeth for two minutes while keeping lips closed. Rinse toothbrush and mouth thoroughly. Continue to brush in two minute segments, while rinsing in between, until powder is gone. Use once a day.

About Rustic MAKA
Growing up in Warsaw in the constant company of her mother and two sisters, Kasia learned to enjoy the simple things in life - from picking dandelions to making homemade jam. Raised with a holistic approach to medicine, Kasia and her sisters were taught that nature has everything their bodies could need - and after moving to the United States, these lessons served as a tool kit for a new life. Rustic MAKA - a line of earth-friendly, all-natural products crafted from organic, wild-harvested botanicals - is dedicated to helping you reclaim your well-being through honest, sustainable self-care.