Mango/StrawRooibos 1oz O DB

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This is a very special kind of blend of the organic Rooibos tea, that has the soft smoothness of the popular South African bush which is perfectly matched by the juicy freshness of the sun-ripped mango and sweet strawberry, and with a perfect round-off taste, a right amount of lemongrass seals the deal. Optically, both fruits are glowing in unity with sunny marigold blossoms.


  • Rooibos tea
  • Lemongrass
  • Natural flavoring
  • Freeze-dried mango cubes and strawberry pieces
  • Marigold blossoms
  • Controlled organic cultivation


This blend is organic, Non-GMO and vegan.

Pour hot water over the tea and steep for 8-10 minutes, and enjoy your drink!

Consult with a healthcare provider prior to use if you are currently pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or if you have any medical medication.